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Harrow Holocaust Memorial Event - January 2018

The annual, national remembrance day for the Holocaust was, this year, themed 'The Power of Words'. Harrow Humanists participated again amongst Harrow's many 'faith' groups, in the Harrow Arts Centre, by lighting a candle of peace. This year featured testimony of the Holocaust and Srebrenica. Bob and Ann Kirk shared their stories of the Kindertransport, and Kelima Dautovic spoke as a survivor of the Bosnian genocide; also participating were the Fourth Choir, the London Jewish Male Choir, and the students of Nower Hill High School; The Event also featured artwork and poetry.

Holocaust Memorial Day Event - January 2017

2017 is the first time Harrow Humanists have been involved in Harrow's Holocaust Memorial Day Event. An inclusive event referencing other genocides in the programme, and including a section on the Rwandan genocide, the evening began with representatives from nine beliefs (including Humanism) lighting candles and observing a minute's silence. Harrow Humanists were fully involved in the organising and planning of the event. Holocaust Survivor Mala Tribich gave the keynote talk on her story of survival and loss, Jean Paul Samputu talked and sang about Rwanda, and two choirs, a soloist and a local High School all performed pieces. The evening concluded with a pledge, read aloud by the four hundred people present, to actively pursue the aim of peace and mutual co-operation across borders of religion, nation, culture and ethnicity.

Humanism School Speaker - September 2016

Julie talking 'On Humanism' at The John Lyon School, an academically selective independent boys' school in Harrow on the Hill, in September 2016.



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