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Hi there!

Are you non-religious?
Are you an atheist or agnostic?
Do you believe in separation of church and state?
If any of these statements apply, then you will probably be interested in Humanism.

Humanism is an approach to life based on humanity and reason. Humanists believe in living moral and ethical lives without the need to base this on any religious dogma. Humanists are atheists or agnostics and have no belief in the supernatural. We only have one life and it is our responsibility to make it a good one having regard for the individual rights and freedoms of others, social co-operation and mutual respect. More on humanism here

The Golden Rule is to treat others as you would wish to be treated yourself.

Try the Humanists UK Quiz to learn about your own beliefs and the beliefs of humanism. Watch an introductory video on the History of Humanism.

Who are the Harrow Humanists?
We are a group of people, living mainly in and around Harrow, who share the humanist philosophy. We have monthly evening meetings (see When We Meet and Where We Meet). If you are interested in joining us, and are 18 or over, have a look at our Meetings page or get in touch here. If you are under 18 you might be interested in the Humanists UK’s Young Humanists group (Facebook.com/younghumanists).

Please contact us if you'd like to join or for further information:

email:  contact@harrowhumanists.uk

or ring David (07518 944 280)